The Story of Baha’u’llah , Promised One of All Religions - by Druzelle Cederquist

This remarkable book contains many touching stories mainly about the life of Baha’u’llah, and some of the Bab’s, both during and after the Advent of the Bab. Each story has a heading which helps the reader to focus on pertinent factors involved. The book also contains some explanations of certain historical events that took place outside of Persia during particular periods associated with the Ministries of the Bab and Bah’u’llah.

Below are the headings of the 69 stories that are described in the book, and the titles of the 5 very useful appendices.

Part 1: The Dawn

1 Shaykh Mahmud’s Secret Plan
2 The Puppet Show and the Dream
3 The Home of Love
4 Father of the Poor and Mother of Consolation
5 No Time to Lose
6 The Quest
7 Witnesses of the Dawn
8 Noble Descendant of a Noble Father
9 The Mujtahid and the Dervish
10 Awake, Awake!
11 The Scholar and the Governors
12 The Open Mountain and the Grievous Mountain
13 Rage and a Secret Rescue
14 The Blast of the Trumpet
15 The Sermon of Wrath and a Royal Command
16 Bandar-Gaz and the Black Standard
17 Danger at Amul
18 Courage at Tabarsi
19 Embattled
20 No Peace in the City of Tabriz
21 A Promise Kept in Karbala
22 A Plot against the Shah
23 Prisoner
24 The Black Pit
25 cruel Days
26 The Mystery of God and His Treasure
28 Terrible Journey

Part 2: The Sun in Its Splendor

29 Baghdad
30 Thousands of Oceans of Light
31 The Dark Campaign
32 Aone in the Wilderness
33 The Nameless One
34 A Joyful Naw-Ruz
35 Purity within Purity
36 Unlocking the Doors of Heaven
37 The Shaykh and the Assassin
38 The Eldest Uncle's Questions
39 A Paradox Resolved
40 The Garden of Paradise
41 One Hundred and Ten Days
42 The Sultan's Command
43 The Poisoned Cup
44 The Most Great Separation
45 He Who Feareth No One
46 0 Kings of the Earth!
47 Destination Unknown
48 The Most Great Prison
49 Seeking a Glimpse of the Lord
50 For the Healing of All the World
51 Into the Mouth of the Serpent
52 The Greatest Gift
53 The Whisperings of Satan
54 The Keys of My Mercy
55 The Governor and the Master of Acre
56 Two Birds of the Nest of Thy Love
57 The Hand of God
58 Oasis
59 The King of Martyrs and the Beloved of Martyrs
60 Blessed is the Place
61 To Conquer the Cities of the Hearts
62 The Master
63 O Most Exalted Leaf!
64 These Fruitless Strifes. These Ruinous Wars
65 The King of Days
66 The Holy Mountain and the Martyrs of Yazd
67 A Pattern for the Future
68 The Sun of Baha Has Set
69 An Excellent and Priceless Heritage

Appendix 1: A Brief Chronology of Events in the Life of Baha'u'llah
Appendix 2: A Note about the Wives of Baha'u'llah and Baha'i Marriage
Appendix 3: Islam and its Two Major Branches, Shia and Sunni
Appendix 4: Millennia1 Christians
Appendix 5: Mrza Yahya